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Next to our implementation service for our peer performance management solutions, we provide specific services as shown below.
This is because we were asked by clients and partners to do so! These services can only be provided by senior architects with key experience and extensive skills. This is we are proud of. Please look further at each service box.

Architecture & Design

"...architecture & design is the fundament for each implementation, like in a constructive building. Understanding your business and translating this into a solid design, easy adaptable for any change that might happen in the future. This proper fundament is key for any sustainable solution..."

Quality Assurance

" adding approximately 10% of our resources to your implementation team, we will be able to leverage the quality of your implementation and reduce the total cost of ownership. We will critically, but constructively monitor your project to ensure you get the best possible..."

Performance optimization

“...over and over again we have proven we are able to optimize performance management solutions. Where others said it is impossible to get things faster, we were able to fix. It could involve technical improvements, but also optimization in business processes...”
“ will be obvious if you can do above, a full project implementation by Top Dimension will distinguish itself with perfect support of business (planning) processes, high quality, high performance, a low TCO and high sustainability...”
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