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“...over and over again we have proven we are able to optimize performance management solutions. Where others said it is impossible to get things faster, we were able to fix. It could involve technical improvements, but also optimization in business processes...”
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Performance optimization

We don't need the best servers that can be bought at the market or accelerator engines that boost performance: simply a waste of money! We have investigated that 95% of all performance cases are related to a poor design or a lack of knowledge and experience during the implementation. With our skills we have proven on many occasions that performance gains of around 100% can be achieved the least, easily beating any hardware investment.

Our approach:

What is our "no-risk" proposal?
Some of our improvement results:
  • ING Insurance (Nationale Nederlanden N.V.): Activity Based Costing (ABC) from 24 hours calculation to 1 minute!
  • GoodYear Dunlop Tyres: financial reporting cycle speeded up from 20 hours to 20 minutes
  • Rabobank International: complex Basel II and Economic capital calculations within 5 minutes
  • Ahold N.V.: optimizing logistic reporting environment over 100%
  • Fort Dodge: optimizing reporting environment from over 24 hours to less than ½ an hour
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers: employee budgeting reducing iterative process from half an hour to a couple of seconds
  • Vion Food N.V.: optimizing budgeting solution by over 400%
  • RPC Group Ltd: financial consolidation, inter-company and asset planning, a new application architecture with high performance
  • PricewaterhouseCoopers: employee budgeting reducing iterative process from half an hour to a couple of seconds
  • ING Group: budgeting platform for 30.000 employees, calculations within seconds. In joint cooperation with Partake Consulting, architecture & design by Top Dimension
  • Alcatel Belgium: complex allocations within a few minutes
  • Finnair: economic budgeting and planning worldwide, an interactive environment in seconds
  • Maxxium Worldwide: sales and financial reporting 1200% improvement
  • ABN-AMRO: architecture, data collection and cost reporting optimization, just minutes
  • Royal Ten Cate: architecture Multiple Resource Planning (MRP) in minutes

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