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Is mastering data within your organization a nightmare?


From our experience, at least the large organizations, are always having the challenge of coordinating a diversity of ERP, CRM, data warehouse, legacy, consolidation and analytical systems. Ideally one would like to have them linked by shared structures and items 100% aligned. In practice this seems to be the greatest challenge. Do you recognize yourself in any of the following?


Consider the following approach to enable you to solve these issues.
  • Think about the most important dimensions that describe meaningfully your organization;
  • Clean up all (legacy) structures that do not comply with the unified ones;
  • Design a set of powerful views that are key to manage and steer your organization;
  • Integrate these dimensions and views into a single structure;
  • Share them across the entire organization and versatile solutions.

Master Data Management will help you to have:


  • One place to make changes, one structure, one vision;
  • Sharing the changes simultaneously across individual systems;
  • Communicating and publishing the change across the organization (via web);
  • Comparing views and structures;
  • Keeping alternative structures in sync with the primary structures;
  • Versioning, “what-if” and “as-of”;
  • Use of change management: business changes and business defines the change, not an IT administrator;
  • Audit trail;
  • Software (vendor) independent and compatible with any tool;
  • Not an IT but a business discipline.
Master data management
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