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CFO Strategic Planning facilitated by our Cockpit

CFO’s role is expanding its strategic aspect in these economic times. Finance is spending a growing portion of time influencing business strategy and operational priorities. While they are satisfied about their finance team capabilities to cope with corporate finance, treasury and audit, according to a research run by Deloitte, many CFOs have indicated they are searching competencies to improve and facilitate finance’s strategic roles.
For a long time, one of the top three priorities CFOs has cited was the finance department has had to place significant focus on providing information and tools for the business decisions. Another top three priority was the alignment of budgets and capex decisions with organizational priorities and strategies. It all boils down to ensuring compliance with financial reporting and controls.
Top Dimension has long recognized those pain points and it has answered this CFO's struggle. The Top Dimension Cockpit targets exactly this necessity: a must have tool for the CFOs which require a fast, mobile enabled, reporting technology.
It is able to satisfy the monitoring needs by translating raw data into graphically appealing dashboards which can be interpreted with a blink of an eye. They can be shared across all organization and consumed on a personal computer or a mobile device. It can practically be plugged on any underlying data system and its implementation costs are extremely contained due to the minimal customization necessary. Out of the box functionality that provides a service rather being a complex IT tool.
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