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Dashboard Tips and Tricks

Dashboards can be powerful in communicating your organization’s important measurement data as a result of you Hyperion Planning process, your Hyperion Financial Consolidation or additional financial and non-financial information. If a dashboard fails to tell you what needs in a glance, then you’ve wasted all that data collection time.
There are a couple of suggestions for a good dashboard design:
No Scrolling
If you can see everything at once, it is most powerful.  Try avoid fragmenting your data by having to scroll. This requires some discipline to think long and hard about what data is most useful to gain an understanding.
Give Context
One piece of data out of context on the screen can be meaningless. So think about the set of data that tells the whole story.
Avoid too much Details
Dashboards should have high level information to support the viewer’s need for a quick overview. Too many data points or data points that are too precise slow down our thinking processes.
Choose the Right Measure
Stare at your charts and graphs and numbers. Is it the right measure? Always think carefully about the message that most directly supports the viewer’s needs and then select that measure to channel the message.
Choose the Right Display
You can show data as a table of numbers or you can present a bar chart, pie chart, or series graph.    
The Top Dimension Cockpit helps you to present the results of your data collected by Hyperion Planning, Hyperion Financial Consolidation or other additional financial and non-financial information in an easy way using pre-prepared templates.
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