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Exalytics Performance and Benchmark Test

What is Exalytics?
Oracle Exalytics is the name for the "machine" that Oracle has introduced on the BI and EPM market.
Exalytics is a reply of Oracle to performance issues of large models. This machine contains 1Tb of RAM and 40 CPU cores and delivers a performance that has never been seen before.
Oracle Exalytics is designed to interact with Essbase. Essbase runs calculations engaging heavily the disk I / O (read sever actions that take a relatively large amount of time ). Because the discs in Exalytics are in RAM this bottleneck disappears.
This unlocks a potential huge boost for Essbase calculations and possible retrievals.
Performance testing for customers in the Netherlands and Belgium
Oracle America has put forward various cases which indeed show a vast improvement in the performance.
Now Top Dimension is working with Oracle Benelux, and Hot Item, looking for specific Essbase models for which Exalytics could possibly be a solution.
We are looking for concrete Essbase users - free of charge – who would like to have their heavy model (s ) (re)calculated/tested via us on an Exalytics installation.
This test does not require you to continue or commit any resources, but gives you an insight if a possible Exalytics path is to address current performance issues and allow desired functionality to be added (more functionality and / or more dates and / or more users ) .
Exalytics something for You?
The purpose of this bulletin is not to position and sell this hardware only but to help us investigate whether Exalytics indeed can provide a positive outcome for Essbase performance issues.
The upside of participating is that you can now watch with us whether Exalytics is a potential resolving "wild card" in case you run short of solutions when performance problems arise.
How does the test start?
What we specifically need to carry out for this test, alongside your formal permission, - is :
1. The outline of the model (Essbase outline, also applicable for Hyperion Planning)
2. The calculation/rules script / scripts that need to be rotated and benchmarked
3. The data in an essbase loadable format .
These objects are all easily exportable from your environment so they require a minimal effort to produce them.
Data is safe with us!
We use this data only for carrying out the test. After this test, we remove the data. Of course we are willing to sign a confidentiality agreement statement, but perhaps it’s an alternative to replace existing values ​​by random numbers.
Duration of test
This test can be scheduled relatively quickly. Get in touch with us to plan the benchmark.
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