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Scoping your Hyperion project?

Do you know Top Dimension? Are you looking for an Hyperion implementer understanding your business instead of knowing only what Hyperion can bring? Do you want to have the best experts instead of having consultants trying to stay as long as they can? Our projects have a clear beginning and an end. That's why we call it a project. Clear goals and objectives, supported by the method SMART.


We have reasonable rates and if the objectives and requirements are clear we can offer fixed-price or a no-cure, no pay proposal. We are able to do this based on our long term experience and expertise.


That's why we have accomplished many successes in different business lines. Just a few:


  • ING (Insurance): Hyperion Activity Based Costing optimization from 20 hours to 1 minute;
  • GoodYear Dunlop Tyres (Manufacturing & Distribution): Hyperion Planning and Financial Reporting Cycle significantly reduced from 20 hours to 20 minutes;
  • Nokia(Telecom): Complex allocation worldwide of vast amounts of data within 1,5 minutes in Hyperion.



Do you need assistance for scoping your project? Looking for a serious partner? Do you want to learn about us? Our offer includes a workshop where we will be able to get to know each other better and:

For free: 2 architects to brainstorm how your business can be further enhanced with Hyperion


We will assure that your people will be triggered with new insights how your business processes can be supported efficiently and effectively in a new way. Think before starting to implement.


Think before starting to implement.


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