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The goal is to minimize the data block size in Essbase

A very effective suggestion and third tip to optimize the performance of a Hyperion Essbase or Hyperion Planning model is to tune within the data block. The data block is based on the definition of dense dimensions within an outline.


The goal is to minimize the data block size in Essbase. This can be easily achieved by introducing "dyna calc" members. This is preferable above just formulas on stored members as it doesn’t need an additional pre-calculation run (calculation script in Hyperion Essbase or business rule in Hyperion Planning). When the formula is changed into a “dyna calc” member it will calculate on the fly when retrieving the data block. Nevertheless the data block is already loaded in Essbase so it is a simple action to calculate as well.


This is one of several ways to optimize your Hyperion Planning or Essbase (BSO) cube.


Never forget that the functional interpretation is the most important. The functional requirement translated into a proper design and solution is “key”, the technical side is just a matter of experience and understanding how Essbase functions under the hood.


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