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adjust the index cache of a Hyperion Essbase model

A less effective suggestion but still valuable is our fourth option to adjust the index cache of a Hyperion Essbase model. Depending on your (dedicated!) Essbase server and the memory available, you should tend to maximize the index cache memory according to the sum of all index files (.ndx, .nd1 etc). Do not set the value higher than the total index file as it will not contribute.


The reason beyond is that data blocks are always retrieved via the index and never directly. A data block can be found by specifying the point of view of each sparse dimension. The remaining dimensions, the dense ones, are embraced in the data block it selves within the Essbase database.


This is one of several ways to optimize your Hyperion Planning or Essbase (BSO) cube.


Never forget that the functional interpretation is the most important. The functional requirement translated into a proper design and solution is “key”, the technical side is just a matter of experience and understanding how Essbase functions under the hood.


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