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Fragmentation is a worse disease for Hyperion Essbase and therefore Hyperion Planning applications

Fragmentation is a worse disease for Hyperion Essbase and therefore Hyperion Planning applications. It occurs when data blocks are extended by saving additional data to the original data block. So frequently updated database because of keying in new data, or most likely recalculate the database is giving you this kind of effect. In conjunction with a compressed data block (bitmap compression or RLE compression) the problem may occur daily!


So what happens? As it doesn’t fit into the original data block, Essbase will create a new block to save its data. Although it is considered to be the same data block data is scattered and the index will also be appended by the position of the extension of this data.


The fragmentation may also already occur when loading data: if the data preparation is not sorted properly and loaded into Essbase, it may happen that fragmentation already occurs when initially loading the data.


If using an isolation level for uncommitted access of data blocks having the "commit block" equal to 0, be aware that you encourage fragmentation as well.


Fragmentation happens in almost any database. To resolve fragmentation you can automate a process by:

  • export the Essbase level 0 data
  • clear the entire database
  • reload the level 0 data
  • aggregate the necessary dimensions

We prefer to run this process daily at night to avoid fragmentation in Essbase at a maximum level.


This is a technical advice. However, never forget that the functional interpretation is the most important: understand what the requirements of the client are. The functional requirement translated into a proper design and solution is "key", the technical side is just a matter of experience and understanding how Essbase functions under the hood.


We have proved to be able to achieve optimizations up to 1000%. See a brief list of our achievements here.

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