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Fine tuning within an optimization of Hyperion Essbase

Fine tuning within an optimization of Hyperion Essbase can be accomplished by being very secure in using Essbase member properties (like stored member, dynamic calculation member, label only, two pass calc etc).


Besides optimization tip 5, there are several aspects to be considered.

  • Try to avoid "dyna calc" at sparse dimensions
  • Use "Label only" as much as possible if data is not required to be stored
  • Use "dyna calc" at dense dimensions (you have to for ratios or percentages anyway)
  • Try to avoid dynamic calculations on a large span of data blocks
  • Try to avoid using "Two pass calc", it slows down significantly and there is no "Third pass calc"


This is a technical advice for Hyperion Essbase. However, never forget that the functional interpretation is the most important: understand what the requirements of the client are. You can never come to powerfull solution if you didn’t understand what the functional needs and processes are. The technical aspects are just a matter of experience and understanding how Essbase functions under the hood.


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