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Oracle EPM suite: a robust platform

Nowadays, and since a few years, Oracle offers the most comprehensive and integrated Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) stack in the industry, the ex-Hyperion EPM suite and more, which has been adopted by over 7,500 organizations globally. 
It’s an integrated bundle of best of breed components designed to address specific Performance Management requirements, such as transparency, flexibility and communication across the organization, with high performance and scalability. 
Each of these components can actually be deployed individually and already deliver great customer value. Together however they work better as they share a common user workspace, reporting tools, MS Office interface namely SmartView, and a common administration, security, data integration tools, and dimension management.  
The EPM suite of Oracle these days contains: Oracle Hyperion Planning, Oracle Hyperion Financial Management ( HFM ), Oracle Hyperion Tax Provision, Oracle Hyperion Essbase, Oracle Hyperion Financial Data Quality Management ( FDM ), Oracle Hyperion Data Relationship Management ( DRM ), Oracle Hyperion Financial Close Management, Oracle Hyperion Financial Disclosure Management , Oracle Financial Management Analytics, Oracle Smart View for Office.
The suite was well-integrated before Oracle acquired Hyperion and it has become even more integrated and also comprehensive in the four years since the Oracle acquisition.  Most of our customers have deployed two or more applications from the suite to address specific requirements and typically see a high return from their investment as well as a low TCO.
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