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Richest User Experience

Oracle Essbase brings powerful online analytics processing (OLAP) directly to the business user. Query results can be displayed through interfaces of the user’s choice, including Microsoft Office tools, and the variety of intuitive reporting options which Oracle offers. With the advantage of consistent, subsecond response times, users can interact with the data at the speedofthought without support from technical experts. This ability to “converse” with the data—understanding that an answer to one question leads to another—enables business users to better identify and analyze the metrics and relationships that influence performance, and to make better, more informed decisions. Users can share their saved reports, and modify their appearance, or create powerful additional queries as new questions arise.
Top Dimension has a rich background in Essbase. We were already working with Essbase in 1995 when it began as a product of Arbor Software, which merged later with Hyperion Software in 1998. Oracle Corporation acquired Hyperion Solutions Corporation in 2007, as of 2009 it markets Essbase as "Oracle Essbase". Until late 2005 IBM also marketed the product — as DB2 OLAP Server.
Therefore our implementations are charachterised with high performing calculations and solutions that do have a low total cost of ownership (TCO) because of the smart design and implementation, also called by us as the "generic solution". We always implement the specific requirement the customer asks for, but the implementation is generic by trying to catch future requirements as well. All maintainable by the customer so therefore lowering the dependency on external consultants.
Top Dimension has been very successful in optimizing existing Essbase implementations as well. See also here.
Essbase is used in related products as well, like Hyperion Planning. The success of such an implementation is also 100% depending on the knowledge of Essbase.

Multidimensional Representation and Extension

Data is categorized in Oracle Essbase in the form of dimensions, a dimension could for instance represent a time period or a product or a customer. Thus a query may be to compare actual sales for a product in a specified state during the month of March 2010 with the corresponding budgeted value for that month. There are often relationships between members of a dimension and these relationships are represented by a hierarchy. A hierarchy enables mathematical calculations to be executed against the data, so for example all the sales for individual states can be aggregated to create a value for the entire USA. Oracle Essbase allows multiple hierarchies to be established so data can be speedily calculated or aggregated. Structures in Oracle Essbase such as dimensions and hierarchies are displayed in the “Outline”, which is a graphical representation that enables authorized users to easily review and maintain structures as business requirements change.
Users can extend data by using metrics or drivers to estimate what results will be in the future. These driver metrics can be based upon history, trends or entered by the user. These forecasted results can be compared with actual results and the reasons for variances investigated so that more accurate forecasts may then be produced. Users can also create further scenarios where they may model for exceptional changes in business and be prepared for turbulent trading conditions through this “whatif” analysis. This assists fast resolution of business issues and for risks to be managed.

Most Highly Advanced Calculation Engine

At its core Oracle Essbase contains a high performance calculation engine with over 350 prebuilt, outofthebox functions. This comprehensive library enables Oracle Essbase to scale from simple aggregations to complex, crossdimensional allocations. Financial formulas of all types are included to support business model development. In addition, business rules can be created to manage complex calculation requirements using a spreadsheetlike syntax. 
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