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The Oracle User Productivity Kit increases the success factor

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) is a user friendly platform for content development, deployment, and maintenance.
Its aim is to increase project, program, and user productivity by mitigating risks through any phase of the project lifecycle, decreasing the time to deployment, and enhancing end-user adoption.
One can rapidly produce materials tailored for all phases of an EPM implementation:
Using smart video capturing technology, it logs every single action of the keyboard, mouse, screen and microphone and it interprets intelligently these actions into process steps. A user friendly interface allows each of those process steps to be further edited if necessary and to save the output as several formats: word, powerpoint, excel, html, xml, mpeg, etc. User can interact with this content in multiple ways according to what best fits his or her situation: Reading, Watching or Guided Self-Trying.
Having read the above one can understand why the Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) is actually not restricted to support learning for Oracle applications only:  SAP, Microsoft, other third parties as well as custom applications can all benefit from the UPK’s functionality.
So when can the UPK add value in an organization and how? Consider the following:
Any of those activities can occur across an EPM implementation and the UPK has proven to be useful from the very start to beyond go-live.
Thanks to the broadness of the applicability of the Oracle User Productivity Kit several benefits can be perceived by an organization.
It increases user effectiveness by disseminating critical process knowledge through multiple learning methods. It increases internal knowledge retention and faster up to speed competency. This translates in reduced help desk support or external consulting costs.
It jump starts projects using “Getting Started” and pre built content for Oracle applications so users can already train themselves and get used to the baseline software without having a physical environment available.
It saves hundreds of hours of writing and maintaining word-like documentation thanks to its intelligent interpretation, screen capturing technology, and advanced while user friendly editing possibilities.
It enhances the user engagement when managing changes to existing systems or introducing new systems from the early phase of a project and is an effective way to train new hires and users.
Top Dimension Architects has been using the UPK in several projects:  we believe it increases the degree of success of an EPM implementation as it plays a crucial role in end-user adoption.
We have analyzed that an EPM solution acceptance can suffer by mismanaging the change it brings for the end user community and therefore hindering its success factor. To influence and manage that aspect, the UPK is a very strong complement to our functional and technical EPM expertise and it is useful to continue to funnel that expertise even after our consultants have left the floor.
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