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Shurgard: What's our future reporting landscape look like?

As many other companies, Shurgard has seen in the last few years some acquisitions and mergers across the countries it serves. Furthermore Shurgard has expanded its global footprint joining forces with another US giant aiming to become the first global supplier of self storage.
While reasons supporting these efforts can easily be explainable from a business perspective, the information system (IS) internal department of Shurgard is going through some really challenging times dealing with the consequences.
Numerous external systems have flooded Shurgard's IS reporting landscape. Taking a closer look at those new applications the IS team realized soon enough that there were strong duplications and functionality.overlaps. However knew too little over the strength and weaknesses of each of those and wasn't confident judging what to retire and what to keep on their strategic reporting roadmap.
On a different perspective their original customer base felt also positive about those changes discovering new and fresh look & feels and different levels of user friendliness with the new user interfaces.
Shurgard invited Top Dimension Architects onsite for a review of their current reporting environment. As a third party, specialized EPM firm which offers, as one of the main services, architecture & design, Top Dimension Architects was given the task to:
(1) Advise Shurgard on how to deal with financial consolidation and management reporting among Hyperion Essbase and HFM
(2) The best possible path to sanitize the reporting landscape and create a new foundation for future developments
(3) Compare at high level the three best-fit BI layers to complement their EPM layer.
Top Dimension Architects own expertise, a few days of research and the contribution of its valuable network of partners, produced a high qualitative evaluation of the customer's requirements which responded perfectly to the three given tasks.
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