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Name: Kees van Rijswijk
Position: Corporate Controller
"During almost 6 years I have been corporate controller at Cordys. I enjoyed working with consultants from Top Dimension due to their knowledge and ability to execute on consolidation and reporting processes.
Together we were able to get the data straight from the ERP transaction backbone (Infor LN) and convert it into the management information we need like the balance sheet (in multiple reporting currency), P&L statement (with various views on business dimensions) and cash-flow statement per business. I also liked the integration with Excel by adding an Excel plug-in, which could be used as a front-end tool. In order to meet the reporting needs for frequently used reports we published our reports in any convenient format which looked very nice. I was happy to work with Top Dimension to build a sustainable system which plays a key role in our reporting cycle and fast close."
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