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Name: Anton Plaisier
Position: Chief Technology Officer
"The CXO-Cockpit is a unique pre-built Executive Dashboard for Hyperion Financial Management (HFM) or Hyperion Enterprise (HE). The CXO-Cockpit provides a full range of pre-built highly interactive financial dashboards and reports, including Balance Sheet, P&L statements, Cash Flow reports and Waterfall, Trend, Portfolio and Benchmark dashboards.

The version of the CXO Cockpit for HFM was the only version available until a year ago. To enable usage of the CXO Cockpit as an executive dashboard for Enterprise users, we decided to develop a connector for HE. We realized that such a new connector should be developed on the basis of a proper design that makes the solution expandable and - similar to the solution for HFM - separates the specific HE functionality from the ultimate Cockpit relational database and OLAP part.

We recognized Top Dimension as the ideal partner to assist us in this. They have an unprecedented experience in developing OLAP solutions mainly in the area of Financial Consolidation and Performance Management. They helped us making a jump-start by:
- Creating a design for the connector based on a flexible multi-layer model
- Developing a first version of the ETL (Extraction, Transformation and Load) procedures required for the connector
- Adapting the OLAP database to enable it for usage on Enterprise data
- Extending the OLAP solution with a currency converter based on accepted accounting principles

With the highly appreciated help of Top Dimension we now have a great - and highly valuateed - solution for the large world-wide community of HE users."
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