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"We have been using Top Dimension for all of structural changes to our Essbase Application here at Maxxium Worldwide BV.

We have Executive Viewer (front end) sitting on top of our Essbase Application and every time we were updating our database with data, EV would be empty for all of our users.

After some years of ‘regular’ Essbase with 1 application and 1 database, Top Dimension helped us partition our application so that we are now working with 4 databases and 1 virtual database. This means that we are running/updating a ‘Calc’ cube in the background and once it has finished, it automatically switches with our ‘Flash’ (live) cube. This means that our users have 24/7 access to their data.

This 24/7 access is very important to Maxxium Worldwide as we are operating in countries all over the world and every downtime in our front end would mean loss of working hours somewhere in the world.

Furthermore, we have this setup running for 2 applications; 1 History, 1 Current, which means that once a set of data does not update on a regular basis (i.e. Forecast / Budget / LY) we move this particular data into the history application and we save time as it never has to run again.

We have 1 application with a virtual database that combines both History and Current data in our front end, EV.

Before this partition, we would run all of our datasets in 6-7 hours. Top Dimension helped bring this down to 1.5 – 2 hours and this is with double the datasets.

In addition, every time we have used Top Dimension’s services, they have always found time to fine tune our database and calculation script, which always saved us a lot of time and effort.

Top Dimension has always delivered on time and within budget and has always met our expectations. They have always handled themselves professionally and have always been willing to come by after working hours to make small adjustments / corrections.

Furthermore, Top Dimension is constantly keeping up to date with the latest developments within their field, so you can rest assure they will always be able to improve your application regardless of what version you are currently running.

If you are looking for top tier Essbase consultants, I would highly recommend Top Dimension."
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