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Name: Lenie Borghuis
Position: Business Analyst, Financial Information Department
"I'm Lenie Borghuis, I work as a Business Analyst at the Financial Information Department at KLM. We have many Essbase cubes from easy to very complex. Essbase is a very powerful analyzing and reporting tool, by which you can look at enormous data at any perspective and all crosslink's you need. Also it can be used for all kind of data, not only finance related data, but for example also invoice data for status and aging.

Some of our cubes needed better performance. We didn't have grip on all the factors that play a role to fine tune the models. There I know that the cracks of Essbase and Executive Viewer have started their own company Top Dimension, I thought let contact them to see if they can help us. We hired them for a couple of days spread over some months. It was in the form of training on the job. From Ed Zwennis we learned how to optimize models and how it really works. We are now able to decrease the calculation time of the models sometimes dramatically. Also they will learn us how to work with API's, so that a couple of reports with graphics can be shown in one html page.

If you need simply the best in the market, you are definitely at the right address of Top Dimension."
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