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Top Dimension is recognized as one of the most specialized consulting firms bringing solutions for corporate performance management and business intelligence. All embracing the domains of:
Most of these performance management solutions are based on multi-dimensional analytical solutions.
As we do have a multi-disciplinary business background, we communicate in clear and easy understandable language. Our qualified business consultants (most of them having a MBA background in conjunction with a qualification in IT) operate from the client's business case. This is our strength.
We help clients and other consulting firms implementing solutions that meet the client's requirements. Our solutions are:
  • Sustainable
  • Solid
  • Professionally tuned
  • High quality
  • Low total cost of ownership
  • Competitive prices
We are frequently asked for Quality Assurance, because of our knowledge and experience in performance management.
No junior consultants.
We deliver the prime and best-of-breed solutions available in the market to mid- and large sized corporations.
Our project approach is based on two important fundamentals:
  1. “Customer first” strategy
  2. Our implementation method S.M.A.R.T.
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