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Implementation method

Based on our long term experience with implementations of performance management we use a combination of proto-typing along with the S.M.A.R.T. method to sharpen your objectives. This has proven to be very effective and shorten implementation time.


Proto-typing helps us to:



Along with the implementation method S.M.A.R.T. we continuously refine our objectives by being:
  • (S)pecific: precise requirements, addressing each functionality, concrete prototyping etc.
  • (M)easurable: in order to be able using the objectives as a part of a review process it should be very clear whether Top Dimension met the objective or not;
  • (A)chievable: during the proto-typing process Top Dimension is honest which functionality can be accomplished and which could not. It will set perception from both sides;
  • (R)ealistic: the client obtains nothing if the solution is too complex, difficult to operate or causing a significant maintenance (high total cost of ownership);
  • (T)ime-based: define the time needed which is the final anchor making all objectives real and tangible.

Core implementation teams

Based on our experience we have found it is effective to implement projects with small core teams to avoid miscommunication and inefficiencies. Besides, by nature the performance management suite cannot be chopped into parts implemented by different teams.
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